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My hair grew significantly in 6 months, I love the product it has healthy ingredients and I have used 3 bottles of it so far. Definitely a must get for hair loss and hair thinning.

Great Product!

So far (one month in) these are doing their job! Great hair, great nails. Can't wait to see how it all looks three months from now!


I start experiencing rapid hair thinning especially in the crown area. I have been using hair369 for over 30 days straight and my hair is much fuller And not coming out as much. I am about to order another supply.

Ioim sorry but I can take any kind of pills so I still heve them at home.

Amazing Results!!

I am always skeptical when buying different products online. I have bought multiple products for hair growth and nothing worked. After taking these vitamins and seeing results after one bottle I will continue to keep purchasing. My face is clearing up tremendously, my nails are growing (they never really did) and my hair is becoming more healthy and longer. I love this product!!! Don’t hesitate to buy! You’ll see results right away!


They r sooo sweet and good. I feel my scalp tingling so I know it’s working

Good product

I didn’t see much growth from the first bottle. My hair was now manageable and the vitamins are delicious. I would try another bottle.

I am very pleased with the product

I am very pleased with the product. I love the sweeties. My hair has grown. Just to my shoulders when i started taking the product about 3 months ago. Now my hair is past my shoulder blades.


Buying more gummies!

It's a good product

So far it's working fine on me, it's a pretty good and easy way to a nice healthy hair( love it)...

After taking the sweetiez hair growth vitamin 369 for about a month now I have seen a significant change in the thickness of my hair and my nails grows much faster now. I love the way they taste also. I let my sister try one and then she wanted another one after tasting the one. I would recommend this product to anyone who is trying to grow thicker and longer hair or nails. Just awesome!

Amazing results

I had bad acne on my face for a long time and felt hopeless. I was also losing my hair after dying it and flat ironing for years. So I decided to give these vitamins a try and WOW I AM VERY HAPPY with my results within a week I started to see a difference!!! You wont be disappointed trust me!

Shiny and longer curls

I love this product. My hair is healthy after highlights and the beach.

Honest Ingredients

I love that I can look up everything in the ingredients and not be confused. Honest product!


I haven’t seen any hair growth or thickness yet, but my nails feel stronger. I finished one bottle and half of the other bottle, I wasn’t expecting an overnight miracle but was wanted to see a little results in the hair growth and thickening but I’m older so it may take time but not dissatisfied with the product, may buy again to give it a chance.

Awesome product

I am current using my first bottle ( I ordered 2 bottles) and I am loving these vitamins. I have noticed a difference in my hair growth as well. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Buying more gummies

These vitamins are super tasty! They remind me of strawberry starbursts. I'll be purchasing more. 💚💚💚💚

lovee these gummies

I love these gummiesss, I have noticed growth in my nails and they are much stronger. I’ve also noticed my hair becoming thicker I haven’t noticed much growth in my hair but I’ve only used it for one month so didn’t expect too much of a difference. But I’m super excited for my next bottle.

I love the product still taking them

I g give a 5 star


I love it! In just one month, my hair is a lot fuller and a bit longer. Also, I feel my skin better, cleaner and significantly brighter. Definitely, this is a keeper.

When I get stopped now

I started my Hair Transition in November 2018 & this was on my shopping list . Let’s just say this . I actually laugh & at times it does get me a little annoyed . ( yeah right ) Lol .. I am constantly being asked if I have extensions or a hair wig .. I then tell them my secret . Hair369 Vitamn is my go to . I truly believe between my healthy hair journey & these vitamins my hair has gotten healthy & it finally grows . . I am so happy . Not to mention I recommend them to everyone.

Worth every penny!

For once I’ve found a vitamin that actually promotes hair growth and you can actually see that it works ! My hair and nails have been flourishing and super healthy and strong! I’m on month 3 and officially a faithful user !!

Works wonders For Me

I have been using for a little over a month and my hair has stopped falling out as much as it was.I use one capsule in the morning and a sweetiez at night as a treat. The sweetiez by the way are delicious. My nails are also stronger and growing much nicer not as ridged as before.

Thank you Hair369💕


I have been using it for a month and i see the difference....my hair is GROWINGGGG.

Great product!!! Awesome taste.

I’ve took Hair 369 capsules for 2 months and LOVE how my hair responded. What love even more about the Sweetiez is that they taste so good (and more so, sweet).

I workout and try not to overdo desserts and treats during the week (but I do have a sweet tooth). What I especially love about the sweeties is that I take one a little after lunch and it satisfies my sweet craving so I don’t feel the need to have a piece of chocolate or a bite of a cookie after my meal.

I love that these vitamins are vegan, so effective and taste so good that I can replace my unhealthy post meal treat with something that’s actually benefitting me.

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